How to Search For Jobs on Indeed

No matter the budget of your small business or whether you need top-tier talent for an important position, Indeed provides resources to help find suitable candidates quickly.

Indeed is an easy, free platform that enables job seekers to upload and apply for jobs through, saving both time and hassle when compared with applying directly through individual company websites. Furthermore, numerous ATS systems integrate with Indeed making it even simpler for candidates.

What is Indeed?

Since 2004, Indeed has grown into one of the world’s premier job search websites, boasting more than 250 million unique monthly visitors worldwide and offering recruiters and job seekers alike an online platform to connect and find each other. Offering various tools and resources, Indeed offers job seekers and recruiters alike access to job opportunities they are sure will meet their professional requirements.

Employers can utilize Indeed to advertise job openings and review applications submitted by candidates. Furthermore, companies can post salary information for open positions to encourage potential applicants. Employers can utilize Indeed’s advanced applicant tracking system to manage applicants and schedule interviews.

Employers can boost their job posts to reach more applicants by taking advantage of sponsored jobs on Indeed. Sponsored listings will appear above free listings in search results and job seeker radars, increasing the chance that candidates apply. It is essential for recruiters to carefully consider their budget when making this investment and determine if Indeed will bring enough candidates that it makes up the difference in cost.

Although scam jobs may exist on Indeed, most listings are legitimate. Common scams on Indeed include fake job titles like “coding ninja” and “marketing guru.” To prevent such schemes from emerging, recruiters should create jobs with clear, concise titles that can easily be searched by candidates.

Once removed from Indeed, jobs no longer appear visible to candidates and won’t show up in your company dashboard. Employers can edit job details such as description and salary information before reposting it again; to prevent spamming they can add an “Apply URL or App Method like Indeed Apply that redirects candidates directly to their employer website or an applicant tracking system such as CareerPlug.

Indeed’s employer dashboard offers recruiters more features to effectively manage candidates. These features include skills assessments, screener questions and filtering to quickly create a shortlist of qualified applicants. Furthermore, native interview scheduling and note sharing capabilities streamline hiring without having to integrate third-party software solutions.

How do I use Indeed?

To use Indeed, create a free account. By doing so, you’ll gain access to all the features on the site — search jobs, upload a resume and apply online for jobs – in addition to having access to interview advice, career resources and job search tips to help find your next position.

Indeed is designed for quick and easy job searching: simply enter job titles or keywords into the “What” box on its homepage, followed by entering your location in “Where.” Filters allow you to narrow results such as job type, experience level or employer if applicable – indeed even offers company search capabilities!

Once you find an opportunity that piques your interest, simply click on its title for more details and to be the first to know when new jobs matching your criteria appear, click “Be the First to Hear About New Jobs for this Search” in the upper right corner.

If you’re job-hunting, applying to newly posted positions within days of their posting increases your odds of consideration and helps narrow your search faster. Indeed also allows users to refine searches based on when jobs were posted for easier discovery of new opportunities.

As an employer, Indeed is also an effective way for you to advertise available positions and recruit qualified applicants. Their powerful search engine can bring in many quality applications quickly; additionally, Indeed offers free company pages so that your jobs can be promoted while engaging potential employees.

As an added perk, Indeed provides data about your application activity such as applicant counts and views to help optimize job ads and make the most of your advertising budget. Furthermore, Indeed offers a mobile app so you can manage job posts while on-the-go.

How do I find a job on Indeed?

As soon as you open an account with Indeed, it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with its resources for job seekers. You can do this by reviewing its search options and taking advantage of the various filter settings to set parameters based on your career path, salary needs, education level and location preferences.

Setting up job alerts can also be helpful, providing weekly notifications of new postings that meet your criteria. Furthermore, company pages offer great insight into any business you might consider working for by offering ratings, photos, average salaries and information from current and former employees about that company.

Another way to increase your odds of finding work on Indeed is to sort the search results according to date of posting. This will provide an idea of which jobs may still be open based on recent postings.

If you aren’t finding what you want on Indeed, try switching up your search terms. For instance, if you are applying for hourly crew member positions at fast food chains but not getting anywhere with applying online, add higher management positions or vice versa as search terms to increase the chance that employers see you.

Search the Indeed homepage with its search bar by entering job titles or locations into both “What” and “Where” boxes, using filters to further narrow your results. If you are seeking specific job types, keywords can also be added into your search query, while advanced searching offers additional refinement of results.

If you are applying for jobs on Indeed, using their resume builder is highly recommended in order to produce an impactful and professional document. Furthermore, their formatting resources offer resources which will ensure that it will be easily read by employers.

How do I apply to a job on Indeed?

Indeed provides an effective and informative job search experience, providing details like salary, benefits and job description. When using this platform it’s crucial that users know how to utilize its tools effectively – for instance, entering keywords into both “What” and “Where” search fields to achieve optimal results or narrowing your search down by entering company or industry names or search terms can produce positive results.

Once you find a job that interests you, applying is easy with Indeed by clicking “Apply.” If you are already signed in to Indeed, your contact info and resume will automatically upload onto an employer’s website; otherwise you must complete an online application or upload new resume. Some employers even offer “Take Me to Company Website” buttons that take you directly there from Indeed.

As a business owner, Indeed can be an effective tool for finding top talent to fill open positions in your organization. Thanks to its broad reach and cost-effective pricing model, Indeed is ideal for businesses of all sizes. When posting jobs on Indeed it’s essential that your job title and description will attract qualified applicants; additionally setting job alerts so you’re informed when new applications arrive is key as well.

Consider including an “Apply with Indeed” button on your careers website so applicants can use their Indeed profiles to apply directly. This can save time as candidates bypass having to create accounts with you and go straight through to applying through Indeed; however, be aware that those using this method will bypass any screening questions set up on your career site.

Indeed is an invaluable platform for businesses of all kinds, enabling them to promote their brand and generate leads. Offering various forms of advertising such as banner ads, text ads, sponsored listings and sponsored listing packages; as well as tools to manage and monitor brand reputation on social media.

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