How to Make Popcorn Without Microwave Oil

How to Make Popcorn Without Microwave Oil

Microwave oil-free popcorn can be made in just minutes in the microwave! Simply follow these simple instructions for making delicious microwave oil-free popcorn: heat in microwave for 3-5 minutes until popping sound slows to 2 second intervals before eating!

Stay away from prepackaged snacks filled with questionable ingredients and questionable chemicals, and create your own microwave popcorn at home – it’s super simple!

1. Microwave

Make homemade microwave popcorn easy whether you’re watching calories or simply prefer homemade over store-bought options with this quick and simple snack, made in just minutes using just water, oil or both! Not only is microwave popcorn quick and simple to prepare but its health benefits make it the ideal option. Packed full of fiber and minerals it also comes topped with flavorings to give extra depth without all of the added butter, salt or other unhealthy ingredients usually found in commercial products – and unlike stovetop popcorn it doesn’t require oil!

One cup of microwave popcorn without butter or salt contains about 31 calories; adding those ingredients quickly increases this number significantly, so learning how to make microwave popcorn without oil may be the way to go if calorie counting is an important priority for you.

One way to easily make microwaved popcorn without oil is to place one quarter cup of corn kernels in either a brown lunch bag or glass bowl and fold over its top twice to close it before placing in a microwave on high heat for two and thirty seconds, until popping slows to just seconds between pops. Once cool enough to handle, carefully open and transfer into your serving bowl.

Use a heavy-bottomed saucepan with a lid. Use an oil with a high smoking point, such as canola or vegetable, and avoid butter as this will be too fatty to use safely. Coconut oil might be worth trying; health enthusiasts could experiment with using it instead; not-health enthusiasts might try lard, duck fat, wagyu fat or even dehydrated cheese dust (schmaltz is chicken fat) too! Add different flavors of sea salt, sugar, cinnamon or dehydrated cheese dust as you add sea salt flavored popcorns – perfect for movie nights or trail mixes alike – while airtight storage will keep this treat ready when munchies strike! Store airtight containers up to seven days in airtight containers for easy access when munchies strike!

2. Stovetop

One of the greatest things about stovetop popcorn is that it is extremely healthy. All it requires are two ingredients – kernels and oil/ghee for cooking them – with the latter helping evenly distribute heat so all kernels pop at the same time without burning and adding flavor while also protecting kernels from drying out during their journey into our mouths. Stovetop popcorn makes an excellent treat for families as an addition to movie night or relaxing nights at home!

Begin by preheating a medium heat pan or pot. Make sure it’s nonstick, then test its heat with some drops of water – if it sizzles, your pan should be ready. After your pan has warmed up sufficiently, add oil or ghee for optimal results.

Stir the kernels until all of them are coated in oil, and continue stirring gently until you hear the first few pops. Remove from the heat, let popcorn cool, then transfer it to a bowl and season according to taste.

As it’s essential that only high quality oils be used, low-grade ones may quickly turn rancid. Olive, safflower, canola and ghee are excellent choices; melting butter may even work, providing it is handled carefully not to catch fire!

Next time you crave popcorn, why not give homemade stovetop popcorn a try instead of buying it at the store? It’s simple and delectable! A perfect treat for kids and adults alike and guaranteed to satisfy until your next meal. Additionally, homemade stovetop popcorn offers a healthier alternative than microwave or movie theater offerings which contain harmful chemicals and fats. So give it a go today and experience just how much better homemade stovetop tastes than store-bought versions – you won’t be sorry you did!

3. Commercial Popper

When making oil-free microwave popcorn, special poppers that circulate hot air around kernels to force them to explode are required for optimal results. While popular among movie theaters and carnivals, home electric versions such as Presto 5204 Orville Redenbacher’s Stirring Popper offer excellent quality popcorn production at an economical price point while remaining quiet enough to sit on countertops. Although effective, its stirring plates may prove cumbersome when cleaning time rolls around – however this shouldn’t detract from this machine being recommended over others when cleaning them in time!

Hot plate popcorn makers provide an ideal alternative, heating kernels in a pot on your stovetop while adding oil for flavoring. As these tend to cook more slowly than microwaves and allow flavorful oils such as canola, vegetable or peanut to fully soak into the popcorn prior to popping it out, quality cooking oils with high smoking points such as canola, vegetable or peanut oil may be preferred for healthier eaters while less health-minded diners might want to experiment with less-than-healthy options like lard, bacon fat duck fat or even schmaltz (chicken fat).

One alternative method for making popcorn in a paper bag instead of using the microwave bowl method is to measure and add one-quarter cup of kernels into a mid-sized brown paper bag, folding its opening twice to secure and prevent steam or hot air escaping before placing in the microwave on high for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

After several minutes, gently shake the bag to check for a gradual reduction of popping sounds and any smell of burning. If this occurs, stop microwaving immediately and try again – this process may require trial and error until you find the perfect timing and bag combination to create tasty yet nutritious microwave popcorn that you can enjoy anytime of day! The results will be much healthier than store-bought alternatives with tons of oils and salt added as filler ingredients.

4. Air Popper

If you love movie theater popcorn but can’t stand its calorie and fat-laden bag, why not make your own healthy version at home? Several methods exist that don’t involve oil but still offer delicious flavor without all those unhealthy additives! A brown paper bag, microwave safe bowl or air popper make healthy snack making easy!

Starting off the key to perfect microwaved popcorn requires starting wi

th fresh, unpopped kernels with plenty of water molecules – this will reduce burning and sticking as your popcorn cooks in your microwave. Furthermore, use a heavy lidded saucepan so the heat evenly distributes throughout its bottom; once popping slows to 2-3 second intervals remove from the heat and transfer to serving bowl.

An air popper is an electrical appliance that uses a heating element and fan to circulate hot air around popcorn kernels quickly, quickly popping them. Most models also feature a chute for adding seasonings as you watch, but this bulky appliance can take up valuable kitchen space. However, air poppers provide fast and convenient microwaved popcorn options when given enough room.

Make popcorn even more delectable while remaining low in calories with this delicious yet low-cal snack: coat your freshly-popped kernels in cooking spray (avoid butter-flavored varieties as they may contain added calories) or olive oil and sprinkle some seasonings – both sweet and savory flavors work great for maximum taste!

To make popcorn without an air popper, place kernels in a large paper lunch bag and fold its top twice to seal it. Microwave for two to three minutes until popping noises every 3-4 seconds become audible; remove from microwave, open carefully and transfer to bowl before seasoning to taste! While this method takes more time and care to create delicious fluffy popcorn like you get at movies!

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