How do I request Banorte personal credit?

We have already covered the main features of the Banorte personal loan line and now we want to explain a little about how its application process works, the requirements and everything else.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a type of loan granted to an individual or consumer to cover personal financial needs.

This type of loan is generally not intended for a specific purpose, unlike other loans such as mortgage loans (to purchase a home) or auto loans (to purchase a vehicle).

It is characterized by being a sum of money that is lent to an individual and that must be returned in periodic installments, generally monthly, over an agreed period of time.

The conditions of the loan, such as the maximum amount, interest rate, term and installments, are determined by the lender and are subject to negotiation and agreement between both parties.

Costs and commissions

  • Fixed annual rate from 22.00%
  • CAT Average Personal Credit: 32.6% without VAT
  • Weighted average interest rate of 28.45% per year without VAT for a period of 36 months.
  • No opening fee

A tip for you!

Before choosing a loan to take out, analyze the rates offered by this line of credit, the amount to be loaned, and the repayment terms.

That way, you’ll be more confident in choosing a loan that will really make a difference in your financial life.

I want to apply for Banorte staff?

Did you like the information about the loan and want to apply for yours as soon as possible?

Then simply click the button and start your application process!

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