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We have already covered the main features of the HSBC payroll credit line and now we want to explain a little about how its application process works, the requirements and everything else.

What is a payroll loan?

A payroll loan is a loan granted by a financial institution to a worker, based on their monthly salary and job stability in their current job. This type of credit has become an alternative for those who need a loan that is quick and easy to pay.

Application Requirements

  • Age from 18 to 74 years 11 months.
  • One year tenure in current job
  • Have a good credit history

Required documentation

  • Official identification (voter ID, valid passport, permanent or temporary residence card if you are a foreigner).
  • Completed and signed credit application.
  • Proof of address (telephone, water, electricity and property bill no older than two billing periods and IFE as long as the address is the same as the owner)
  • It is necessary to have at least 1 payroll dispersion with HSBC and present the last 2 months of your payroll receipts indicating your date of entry into the current job (seniority in employment must be at least 1 year) or the last 6 account statements.

Costs and commissions

  • Average CAT: 34.1% Without VAT
  • Disposal fee of 1.77%

A tip for you!

Before choosing a loan to take out, analyze the rates offered by this line of credit, the amount to be loaned, and the repayment terms.

That way, you’ll be more confident in choosing a loan that will really make a difference in your financial life.

I want to apply for the HSBC payroll loan!

Did you like the information about the loan and want to apply for yours as soon as possible?

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